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The AirTurn BT-105 Digit is a revolutionary wireless controller that combines foot pedal compatibility with handheld control.  A silent, tactile button set provides the ability to turn pages, control teleprompter apps, and advance presentation slides, as well as media control for iTunes on all iOS devices including iTunes for Mac and PC, and the ability to control iOS cameras for remote video and picture snapshots.  For hands free pedal control, two 3.5mm (1/8 inch) stereo ports (or 6.3mm with included adapters) can connect to momentary, non-latching normally open (NO) pedals and switches that replicate the handset button controls (pedals sold separately).

The AirTurn BT-105 Digit features 6 silent membrane buttons, a power switch, status indicator light, 5 keyboard profiles, and an internal rechargeable battery with a mini USB recharging port. Battery life will vary, but users can expect up to 100 hours of standby usage. The AirTurn BT-105 Digit also features automatic Bluetooth pairing with the tablets and computers for easy connections and fast page turns, as well as a built-in debounce filter to prevent multiple page turns for each button or foot switch press.

The AirTurn BT-105 Digit works with a growing number of iOS and Android apps as well as Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Keynote for PC and Mac Bluetooth equipped computers.  The AirTurn BT-105 Digit works with iTunes on all Bluetooth-capable iOS devices (all iPads, iPhone 3S and above, and iPod Touch), as well as iTunes for Mac and PC computers, giving users the ability to play/pause, navigate tracks, and control volume.  The AirTurn BT-105 Digit will also control the camera and video on all camera-equipped iOS devices.


In addition to being a handheld remote, the AirTurn BT-105 Digit can be controlled by a wide variety of pedals and momentary switches for hands-free control.  Check out our silent proprietary pedals like the ATFS-2, or the rugged foot switches like the Boss FS-5U, or even our bite and tongue switches for hands and foot-free control.  Up to four pedals can be connected to the AirTurn BT-105 Digit's stereo ports.  Click here for a list of apps that take advantage of all four pedals with the AirTurn BT-105 Digit.

If you have your own FS-5U or FS-6 pedals, purchase AirTurn's custom-made cables, or download instructions to make your own patch cable for using the AirTurn BT-105 Digit with the FS-5U and FS-6 pedals.

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